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Shelley put in her five new rose plants on Saturday morning, so we now have about a dozen rose bushes lining the front walk.

Just stems at present, they'll soon be thriving and popping up all kinds of fragrant and colorful blossoms.

This bloom comes from one of the plants Shelley put in last month. One side of the petals is red, and the other side is white.

Friday we played Settlers of the Stone Age, the latest Settlers variant. We played it again on Saturday night, with different people. The two playings could not have been more different. In the first game, we constantly rolled sevens and meat was as scarce as could be.

In the second one, though, people were trading in three meats for other things, and many, many turns passed before someone rolled a seven. Now that we have a handle on strategy, it should be a much different game next time.

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