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Need Help Finding Record
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Okay boys and girls, who feels like a sleuth today?

If you raised your hand, please have a go at finding me a copy of an LP record that I really want to obtain (or at least be able to borrow from a library).

This is all I know about it:

"Le Marche des Rois" from Vanguard 2104 (LP).

I do not know the date, nor the performering chorus/orchestra, nor the title of the album.

The album title might be "Le Marche des Rois" but that may just be one track on it. Vangaurd would be the publisher and I reckon 2104 is their ID for this publication.

BTW, "Le Marche des Rois" is easy enough to find on other recordings, but that's not good enough. I heard the one above on a radio broadcast, but the station would give me only the details shown here.

I have not been able to track down any more information about it, nor find a copy of this particular recording, which is so much better than any of the others I have heard of the piece.

What's the prize for finding it? Hmmm... I'll think up something good, depending on how much effort it takes you.

Good luck!

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