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Another Monday morning at work. Bleh.

Pretty normal weekend with Friday and Saturday gaming, and working on the Battlefield: Glass project (completed design, printed pattern, cut out pieces, and have started cutting glass to match).

We tried the newly released Carcassonne: Traders & Builders. If they had an unwishlist, this would be on it. Both Shelley and I agree that it takes a fun simple game and not only overly complexifies it, but takes play to a new level of stress within it. Ergo, it ruins a great game.

Also played Zombies!!! with its two expansions. It did not appeal to me at all. So far I have yet to find any game related to superheroes or B-movies that I enjoy. Most any game with a historical aspect makes my play-again list. Many others do as well, but not those two aforementiond kinds.

After a long hiatus from volleyball, we went back to the Valencia group again last night and had a good time. Some of the people that caused us to leave a couple months ago did not attend this time. And apparently they haven't in a few weeks, but general attendance has gone down (some said) so we'll see about resumption of regular play there.

The Tuxedo: could hardly finish watching this flick because it's so bad, especially Hewitt's character (and the actress herself). Decent Jackie Chan movies are fun. This was neither.

Dogma: started out fine, but a big let down in the last third. Not sure why. Loved the (humourous) portrayal of the Catholic Church, especially Buddy Jesus. Since they made kind of a big point of him, he should have appeared somewhere near the end, like the gun on the mantlepiece should. Ah well.

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