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Thanks to all who voted for my Battlefield: Glass round 3 entry -- it won the round both for creativity and likeability! Usually I squeek by, so YAY!

As a result, my project appears on the
Warner-Crivellaro home page until the next round's winner replaces it. It will also be featured on their next paper sales catalog, which they issue about once a month.

Now the hard part: waiting until Tuesday to find out what theme items we have to use in a 3-D project to be completed by July 2nd.

A pair of comments from voters this round surprised me a great deal. (To see comments, you have to look at the individual project's page, then click a link at the bottom.)

I think you defeated the creativity rating when you pried off the roses and tuned them upside down so they are not visible.

Certainly I admit to being critical of others who cut theme items into pieces so small they can be used for anything, however I have never been against minor modification of theme items. I don't feel bad about this comment, just surprised. Others pried off the roses too, and almost no one used the brooches with the roses still on in a creative way.

Absolutely stunning, although use of the items sent was not at all that creative. Should be using the items sent as is. That way it would level the playing field on how creative people really are.

This one just blows me away in terms of surprise. My theme items usually receive minimal modification, and this round was no different. Not sure what this person was on. Shrug. No worry, just unexpected.

And an amusing, assuming comment:

Wow, what an understanding husband! Great idea to use this as a remodeling project. The close ups of the aquarium as beautiful - love the shinny fish parts. Watch out that he doesn't make you do the shower to match now!

I deliberately said "my spouse" did the plumbing so as to avoid giving clues to my identity. I hope this person goes back and reads my name and realizes the mistake!

It was definitely good to have my entry before the toilet, because a lot of the toilet comments refer back to my project, suggesting we team up, should live in the same house, etc. Had my project followed the toilet, comments on my project would have referred back to it.

Anyway, onward we go. Not bad for "a beginner" and someone who should "get out of the contest" as someone said in round-2 comments. Heh. So there.

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