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Sharpe's End
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Wishing for More

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Over the past couple of months we have viewed all 14 of Richard Sharpe's adventures availabe on DVD. We both found the series excellent, and it's sad to see it end with the 14th disc, which we watched tonight.

In sum for this historical fiction series, Richard Sharpe rises through the ranks of Wellington's army through the period of the Napoleonic Wars. He starts as an enlisted man, but makes various officer ranks as time passes and he completes his missions and overcomes repressing political situations.

A company in the U.K. produced the series from 1994-1997, and even though additional adventures exist in novel form, it seems most unlikely that the same cast and crew would re-form to produce any more screen versions.

Ah well, we can always re-watch them. If you're interested in checking them out, here's the correct order to view them.

  1. Sharpe's Rifles

  2. Sharpe's Eagle

  3. Sharpe's Company

  4. Sharpe's Enemy

  5. Sharpe's Honour

  6. Sharpe's Gold

  7. Sharpe's Battle

  8. Sharpe's Sword

  9. Sharpe's Regiment

  10. Sharpe's Siege

  11. Sharpe's Mission

  12. Sharpe's Revenge

  13. Sharpe's Justice

  14. Sharpe's Waterloo

The whole set can be purchased in a nice wooden box, but that's pretty expensive unless you can find it used in good condition.

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