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Have you heard about the new TV show for cats?!?

What's next, doggy TV?

Not much going on here these days, mostly just waiting for the arrival of the Battlefield: Glass theme items (and not joyfully, either -- they're terrible: a wand filled with sparklies, some plastic flowers, two clear weird bevels, and two red blobby thingies).

Had a great time up in Clovis playing games and eating and staying up late the whole weekend. It felt like a regular gaming con, even though there were only five of us playing. We played Settlers of Catan a couple of times, Robo Rally (where, after a couple of hours, I managed a net result of getting ONE square -- not board tile -- away from our starting square). We also got in a good game of Mage Knight, Illuminati, and Carcassonne.

Recent movies:

The Ring: freaky, but not overwhelming. Would have been nasty to get an anonymous call whispering "seven days" like Jenn did after watching it.

The Others: a ghost movie with an extremely cool ending; highly recommended.

A Walk in the Sun: an older war movie with not much war (not like today's huge special effects budgets) that's mostly a character study. Pretty good.

101 Reykjavik: Icelandic film set in Reykjavik; mostly telling of a guy and his mom and their girlfriend. Yeah, "their" girlfriend.

And in the literary category:

I-Boat Captain: an excellent telling of the Pacific War from the point of view of a Japanese submarine commander.

Been digitizing a lot of paperwork lately, as well as expanding my collection of model ships by obtaining those I need from people selling them on eBay. I hope to have the whole Japanese navy sooner or later. It's fun to have packages in the mail.

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