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Okay, you readers who support(ed) the war against Iraq. What do you say to this article about doubts over Iraq weapons?

Still believe our wonderful government is honest, open, and acting in good faith? There are plenty of dictators out there. Are we to become the world's police and start taking them all down? If not, why Iraq?

Could be because W's father lost face by not finishing what he started? Not the reason? Weird coincidence, then, huh?

Guess it must have been for the weapons of mass destruction we "knew" he had. So where are they? The U.N. didn't find them. We haven't found them. Hussein said he didn't have any. Maybe he didn't. Apparently he didn't.

Links to terrorist groups? Perhaps. Where's the proof?

Doesn't like Americans? Lots of people don't (for good reason). We going to kill them all? Not a brilliant idea.

Hussein treated Iraqis badly? Very likely. But as I said, there are lots of dictators out there, who run their countries the same way. And they have been doing so for decades.

I still invite anyone to provide a fully justified non-hypocritical reason for attacking Iraq. Just one will do.

If you say "we have to start somewhere" in a new program to take out bad guys then I ask you why Americans and their pals have the right to decide who's on that list.

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