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We just finished watching two terrible movies. Actually, we couldn't even get through the second one. I highly recommend that you avoid the following titles (and destroy any copies that you can): Quest for Fire and Silent Running.

In the first, a group of cavemen lose their fire and send three of their members out to find more, while most of the group sits on a little island in a swamp. It seems like our three intrepid adventurers trapse across two continents on their voyage, but it might have been only one. While away, they learn 1) about pottery; 2) how to have civilized sex; 3) how to use atlatls (throwing sticks for spears); and 4) how to make fire with a stick. (All they seem to lack is basketry.) They return to their group after an interminable time away, to find them on the same little island without shelter, fire, or food. Bad -- just really bad.

In the second movie, this group of spaceships carrying Earth's last forests out near Saturn receive orders to blow them up with nuclear charges. One of the four men on one ship thinks this is a bad idea and kills his fellow shipmates, then flies his ship away. He reprograms a robot to take care of the last remaining bit of trees, jettisons that forest in a sub-ship, then self-destructs his own ship. Even I could not get through this whole movie and fast-forwarded the last third of it.

So after watching those fine pieces of cinematic art, Jenn sent us the URL for The Geek Test, which I encourage everyone to take. My results: 34.714% - Total Geek. Sorry to let y'all down. Looks like I need more time to myself to work on certain projects so that I can be more complete in my geekiness. Either that or I should have clicked the "I lied a lot on this test" box to improve my score.

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