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Dog Tired

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Yesterday's bike ride with the club took me out to Simi Valley and back, for a round trip distance of 48 miles, however I rode Becky to and from Northridge instead of driving, so the day's total reached a bit over 72 miles.

Not so bad recovery-wise the rest of the day and today, however, probably because I downed five water bottles and a jug of milk and had a good snack halfway along. One of these days it'll be century time.

And today: Doggy Beach!

Sparky brings the disk part way back, then drops it for Zero to take to Shelley

Ready... set... go!

This is why we like to take the doggers out to the beach every so often... they sleep the rest of the day and evening, and even into the next. It really wears them out.

We're par for the course on seeing marine mammels. A really big sea lion came in pretty close to shore to check things out.

Several other friendly dogs came around while we were there today. Two were a pair of small black poodles. I nicknamed them Poodle-Dee and Poodle-Dum.

I finished reading Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People, which I found to be well-written and highly motivational. I just picked it up from the library when I needed something for the train ride home one day last week, and had it on my to-do list of books. Recommended.

Watched a couple movies: K-19: The Widowmaker (just okay) and The Game of Death (decent).

Nothing much insightful to say tonight. Pretty tired, and it's late for me, given my morning ride.

Good night.

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