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We took our mead out of primary fermentation and put it into secondary tonight. Sampling indicates it's coming along just fine, and it's fairly strong!

Then we performed a blind taste test on four different kinds of honey: orange, wildflower, sage, and avocado. All four varieties came from the same company, but they sure do have different tastes.

Neither one of us could easily determine which flavor went with which variety but just guessing, but it's quite clear that the variety makes a huge difference in taste, as well as color.

We decided that we'll us orange for our next batch of mead. Sage seems best for putting in tea, and avocado for use in recipes (it's on the strong, dark side). Wildflower will be used for honey's sake where we want the best flavor.

If you thought all honeys were the same, pick up a variety pack and have your own taste test sometime. You may be surprised at the differences.

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