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Business class ended today. Definitely worth the $99 fee for the four classes. Learned a lot of things that will pay for that expense several times over. I can't wait to get going with this idea. More details when the time is right.

Did you hear about the ancient Roman cosmetic cream recently excavated? The stuff still has fingerprints in it. And who knows, perhaps they'll find some DNA as well.

How about those crazy New Yorkers starting mob scenes for fun? What a hobby. How long before the authoritaaas file charges against them for inciting violence or some-such?

Have you wondered what Jesus might look like if dressed up in different outfits? Try this site and let your imagination go.

Do you like those Budwesier radio ads that salute Real American Heroes such as Mr. Driving Range Ball Picker Upper? If so, you can hear them all back-to-back and laugh your butt off.

We'll be doing some travelling in the near future. Taking a little trip back east for our annivesary, and then going to Dallas in mid-September to see our newest niece.

Finally decided firmly to discontinue consulting at the violin shop. What a relief. Have to go down one or two more times to pass the project on to a guy I used to work with at UCLA, and then that's one stress and time-sink gone from my life. Yay!

Got a bit o' thunder and lighting outside tonight, and a spatter of rain. Yay!

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