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My preference for not wearing a potentially strangling piece of decorative cloth around my neck every day now has medical backing: Tight Neckties Linked to Glaucoma Risk.

Don't you hate it when you spend hours trying to learn a new piece of software only to find that it's really not doing what it should be doing? Had that happen yesterday. Thought it was me, but finally decided it might not be, so wrote to their tech support.

Didn't expect a reply, but got one pretty fast:
In version PC 4.0.1, those features were not ready to use when we released it. And one of our programmers forgot to disable those options in the right click menu. This is why your movie is crashing when exporting.

Well, at least they 'fessed up!! Sheesh, that's a new one for my book (which is pretty big after many years at a HelpDesk).

The good news: We really apologize about that. The 4.1 updater version with all those features will be available on our web site in about 2-3 days.

So at least it wasn't me... and a solution is forthcoming.

BTW, for those interested, the software in question is way cool. It allows me to add a little graphic map next to a panorama and show a custom pointer, which spins as the panorama moves, indicating the direction of view. It also allows adding directional sound to panoramas and multi-language text areas, plus it builds cross-platform CD-ROMs with auto-start and auto-detect features that will make producing CDs very easy.

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