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Fine flight to Denver on Saturday morning, although a bit chilly at 48 deg. when we arrived. Bumpy leaving Denver, but warm again in Dallas. Got to meet our new niece, Mara Jade, who's now almost six weeks old, as did Shelley's mom, who's obviously very proud of her first grandchild.

From what we've seen of the area, the vast majority consists of housing developments and strip malls. Not too exciting in my book. And flat. Way too flat. At one point on a drive we topped a rather small rise -- enough to see quite far in every direction -- and observed numerous white water tanks populating the countryside off unto the horizon no matter what way we looked.

Most unusual thing: horizontal traffic lights. Most usual thing: all the same chain stores, from one strip mall to another, with nary any store appearing to be interesting enough to stop at. I much prefer places like the Ithaca Commons or downtown Chico where they have whole ranges of unique boutiques.


The above was written a night or two ago. We've just arrived home, safe and sound.

Although the Dallas area doesn't have much that interests me historically, culturally, or naturally, it does have family and friends, and hanging out with them was what this trip was all about. We ate a LOT (thanks, Paul, for buying enough food to tide us over just in case Isabel came out for a spin through Texas). We watched some videos, played a little Mage Knight, caught up on news -- spent some quality time with kin and kind.

Niece Jade's a perfectly fine six-week-old baby, but me being a guy, she doesn't instill the desire to have children like she does with Shelley. Good to see her, of course, but not much to interact with. Give her a year or so, and it'll be more fun because she'll be sentient by then.

Oh yeah -- if you have the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company come to a strip mall by you, I heartily recommend their large candy apples. The one I had weight approximately 20 metric tons and seemed about the size of a bowling ball. It had three different kinds of chocolate drizzled over it, on top of a caramel layer studded with pecans. It took me about half an hour just to find the apple, and I actually could not finish it in one go.

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