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Peeved a Bit

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Get this... the insurance company that offers the photographer's policy says to contact the American Disc Jockey Association for the full document. So I did, on Monday, and was told they'd find me a copy and e-mail it, since their website links all pointed back to the insurance company.

No word back from them as of this afternoon. So I called and left messages both places about lack of communication. Got a phone message back that says the ADJA finally found their full copy, but no one has ever requested it before. And they'll send me a copy if I cover their expenses doing so, which are $25 to generate the full 80 pages.

Does this seem weird to anyone but me? If you were shopping for insurance, wouldn't you want to read the whole policy? No one's ever requested it before? And wouldn't you expect the place where you buy your policy to make it available in the first place? For free?!?

I don't understand. Tomorrow I get more aggressive about this. I hope it doesn't mean having to get the $2000 policy instead.

Maybe my phone calls will scare them into action for I intend to fulfill my part in Talk Like a Pirate Day. I recommend you all do the same, whether or not you have to speak with such people.

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