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Arrr, matey, permission to board granted!

Shiver my timbers, for we had a fine time at the gaming table tonight, we did. Arrrr.

Seafarers of Catan and then, avast, planting beans! Yo ho ho and a bottle of Riesling!

Say, matey, answer me these questions three:

1) What be a pirate's favorite animal?

2) Where does a pirate prefer to shop when he's got plunder to spare?

3) What makes a pirate a-feared for his eternal soul?

4) Of all the meals a day aboard his ship, which does a pirate prefer?

With the passing of Talk Like a Pirate Day, life will return to busy normalness for the weekend. Aye, that it will. Or else off ta Davy Jones' locker wid ye!! Arrr, now get to walkin' the plank, you scurvey dog!

1 - An arrrrrdvarrrrrk
2 - Toys-Arrrrrr-Us
3 - Arrrrrrmageddon
4 - Dinnarrrrrrrr
5 - Who said pirates could count?


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