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First, if you cannot view the Warbird video from yesterday, please let me know. Some people have reported problems, others say it works fine.

This past weekend passed with most of the usual things: gaming on Friday and Saturday nights (Shelley won overwhelmingly in Puerto Rico and Taj Mahal, and everyone else placed in the same relative order both times). Biking on Saturday. Hurt my lower back bending over Saturday night, so no cycling Sunday.

Two amusing photos from the Yahoo! news site:

Reckon they had strings to pull up the ears, then digitized them out? Or a really strong wind machine?

The world's smallest r/c car: a device to annoy the cats. Probably wouldn't work well on carpets though. But this would!

Been meaning to tell y'all this: several weeks ago as I walked near campus, a rather large 4x4 pick-up truck drove by. It had a hitch on the back, but nothing in tow. And therefore I could easily see the truck's balls. As in gonads.

It sported a scrotum and testicles hanging down from the place where the hitch mounts underneath the frame. The item in question was the size of that found on a bull. It appeared to be solid and made of some sort of plastic or resin, but who knows...

Oh yes, here's a nice image from a friend of mine (thanks, Karen!):

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