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Chicken Hat
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Bwawk! Bwawk!

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I don't know about you, but when I go to an Oktoberfest, I immediately seek out the booths selling chicken hats:

Thanks to Jenn for the photo!

So let's see... fairly busy weekend. Today went almost entirely to working on Flattops in order to catch up on some bug fixes and adjustments to combat routines that people wanted made fairer (rightfully so). That took a while, but it's done and the game's the better for it.

Cycled with the club yesterday morning from Northridge to Montrose to Glendale and back home. Gaming in the evening, where we played Circus Imperium -- not my favorite game. Various odds and ends and errands too. Not much excitement.

On the panorama front: currently awaiting application acceptance by the one insurance company that's got the cheapest rate. Two other companies carry photographer insurance too, but they're at least twice as much, with a higher deductible. Once I've got the insurance I'll call Hornet back and schedule the visit. None of them wanted to send me the full policy, so might as well go cheap (and I did research it -- all seems well).

Got some new software that accepts a batch of panos and a graphic map, then adds clickable spots to the map as well as arrows that spin as the panorama turns, so that you know which way you're looking in relation to the map. Plus you can click any panorama site on the map and to right to it without the need to find it through stepping from one pano to the next. I'll put a demo of this up soon.

More thanks to Jenn for her photo of us at Oktoberfest (pre-chicken hat).

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