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Tomorrow California may make U.S. history by recalling its governor. I find it highly amusing that many of the people who wanted the recall now don't because they fear Arnold will win. Serves them right if he does, I say. Be careful what you wish for -- you might get it. Better then devil you know than the one you don't. Etc.

Shelley and I have already voted. We chose to do so by mail mostly because we didn't want to take the time to drive to the polling place. But it turns out that we both forgot about my Tuesday-evening classes and her new Zicree class, which also occurs on Tuesdays. No matter which way it goes tomorrow, it'll be fun to follow.

Nice day at work today, actually -- because of figuring out how to deal with the PeopleSoft system enough to get data out of it. After being redirected amongst database programmers three times, someone finally told me which of the 12,000 tables and 40,000 fields I need to use. It turns out to be three tables and about ten fields.

Perhaps by the end of the week I'll have done what October was meant for. Maybe it'll take a week beyond that. Anyway, something worth working on that's a bit of a challenge and highly desired by my bosses. A good thing to have for everyone when it's done.

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