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38 (Again)
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Ate Too Much Thai Food

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Got it right this year. My new age, that is: 38. Hard to believe 365 days ago I was in Egypt. I do miss the adventure. I guess that's why I got confused last year about my age.

No adventure working at home today. Normally I take off my birthday from work, but since my normal schedule had me at home anyway and I really want to save days for shooting panos, I put in a full day coding, with a lunchtime cycle ride and visit from Shelley.

Tomorrow: freedom. From wires, that is. Shelley got me an AirPort card for the iBook portable, and a wireless station to go with it. With them, I plan to compute from our patio a lot, so I can be outside AND on the Internet at the same time. Working in the front room with the big windows and better breeze will be nice too.

Bugbear's back: the cheaper insurance company said their underwriter declined to accept my application. Grrrr. No reason was given. So now further delay, and double the dollars. Stupid, litigious society.

Good Thai dinner at Patakan in Pasadena. Drove over to Whole Foods after that and got a couple of bottles of Gan Edan Black Muscat '98 as well as about seven other bottles of various wines and a couple six-packs of Strongbow cider and one of Pumpkin Ale. Home to a Baskin-Robbins mudslide ice-cream cake and presents!

Thanks to Shelley, Mom, Di, Bessie, Lori, my grandparents, Wendy, Jenn & Kenny for making it a great day!

PS. Mom says Krista and Aspen are doing much better now, but still in Boise. Everyone seems to be recovering well and there's no bad things on any scans or test results. Let's hope they get to go home soon.

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