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Saturday self-digust: spent like three hours searching for a batch of paper gift certificates ($125 from the Visa card) and finally gave up, assuming I had thrown them out accidentally as junk mail, or perhaps as a result of them falling (with the help of a cat) into the shredder bin.

But down to Jenn and Kenny's new place in Santa Monica for an evening of good mac-n-cheese, cider, company, and gaming (thanks for Tigris & Euphrates, guys!) where we re-learned the lesson that our other gaming group doesn't always get all the rules right.

Before that, we made a trip to Samy's Camera store (a three-floor camera merchant) to buy a travel case for the Panoscan system. It turned out to be a lot less expensive than I expected, so that's a good thing. Also found out that the auxilliary power output from its battery had a blown fuse, so the new DC to DC adapter wouldn't power up. At least that's an easy and cheap fix. Whew.

On Sunday, then, we spent a couple hours trying to figure out how optimize the Panoscan system to make it easy to move. Looks like the best way will be take everything out of the travel case rather than try to work with it in the case, because the travel case is just too big, and won't open up under the tripod and/or sticks out from beneath it too much.

After setting up the system, I shall use a little carrying platform to move the computer and battery around -- need to find or build something simple, like a plain board with some straps that makes it possible to keep the computer connected to the system and not get in the way when the scan happens. A minimal system of this sort would fit into the travel case as well.

Happy birthday to sister Krista in Idaho! She reports that baby Aspen and she will probably get to go home in another week or so. All well there otherwise, which is good news. By the way, in case you were wondering where this year's National Christmas Tree is coming from... it's Idaho. And it will be escorted across the country by Krista's husband, Breck, of the US Forest Service.

Computing from the hammock late yesterday afternoon, while surfing the 'net and listening to iTunes over a wireless connection... heavenly.

And this morning at work, in a very small pile of papers... the missing Amazon certifs! Yay! Time to order the Indiana Jones DVDs!

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