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Purple Frog!
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So you heard about this new critter they just found in India, right?

I'm not making this up. Check your favorite news service's science pages. How cool is it to find such a beast in this day and age?

Way cool, if you ask me.

We've eaten a lot of potatoes this week, because apparently we had them on the shopping list twice and they're starting to crawl around under the cupboard and make noises in the dead of night that wake us up. Something is, anyway, and I blame the spuds.

So given all this tater eatin' (and occasional beer drinkin' this month)...

I've decided that it's....

wait for it......


And just think, you scrolled all the way down to see that. Ha!

Try this easy stress test to see whether you need a vacation.

Feeling punchy and in a good mood? Me? Yeah... got a MAJOR work project done for CSUN today (from the hammock) that's so cool it needs its own journal entry. Prolly tomorrow.


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