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Friday evening we attended Stuart Smith's (Kenny's brother) viewing service, then his funeral on Saturday late morning about an hour's drive east. The eulogy, given by his good friend Chuck, was rather well-said. All a very sad affair.

It seemed to me that the cemetary brought in their back-hoe way too soon, even to the point of distraction and interruption. They could have been much more graceful about it and waited until people left on their own rather than rushing in the machinery and telling people to leave, which is basically what they did.


Built a caddy for the Panoscan system: a couple thin boards with rope handles that makes it much easier to walk around with the computer and battery hanging from one hand and the tripod in the other. This way the computer can stay powered on and connected, and out of sight beneath when the camera scans.

Having some trouble getting the batter / power adapters to play well togther now, however. Not sure where the problem lies, but it does not like it when the computer tries to run off the Panoscan battery. Must figure out the problem soon!

FINALLY got our hallway stained glass panel back in as we've always intended it to be. It's one of my projects that got to 90% completion, then sat for over a year in ugly status. Now the panel's on hinges and the light on a timer behind it, mounted above so it's illuminated from behind at night automatically. And stuff fits in the closet as well.

Several hours with QuickTime development -- quite a bit of fun. Figured out how to have a pano open full-screen with custom buttons in the corners for toggling hotspots, showing help, exiting, and bringing up map of nodes, and then how to change a text field overlaid on the pano to contain different material. It's enjoyable to figure that stuff out. Time to put it to good use now!

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