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Sitting out under the wisteria tonight, with dogs for company, I got QuickTime to load text from an XML file so that when jumping from node to node on a virtual tour, different material shows up in a comments area.

Woo! Very cool. This means that the entire QuickTime tour interface can be developed without the textual components, and they can be added later. In different languages, or whatever. It's very slick what they've done, and what they let me do with this authoring package (LiveStage Pro), and with QuickTime itself.

Finally heard back from Hornet today. We covered some of the same ground as our initial conversation, but the guy there -- upon re-hearing my proposal -- sounded a lot more confident and upbeat about making it happen.

He did say that there was some reluctance from their trustees because of some recent problems with some photographer taking pictures and claiming he owned the intellectual property of them, and that Hornet had spent a couple thousand bucks having the case thrown out of court. That sounds rather strange to me, since a photographer would own copyrights, but perhaps there was some contractual problem or what-not that muddles it.

He also said they were worried that I was out to make a buck on them. I said it was true that I do intend to make a buck, but only with their full cooperation and sharing, so he seemed okay -- again, once I restated plans and stressed cooperation and the nature of my tiny endeavour (i.e., it's not a film shoot) and about what was going to be produced and why.

Anyway, the project's going forward. So we wait a little more, then call him back next week, I reckon.

In the meantime, I have to find a little red Radio Flyer kiddy wagon. Such should work a lot better than my home-made caddy for carting around the computer and battery. I tried to buy one at K-Mart tonight, but they don't have the model I want, which is either the "My First Wagon" or two-wheeled trailer.

I hope to make a real virtual tour of some place this weekend, and put it on a CD-ROM and send it to the guy on the Hornet to ensure he knows what he'd be getting. That may help persuade them.

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