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So a couple months ago we got these very cool phones on our desks. You configure them via a web page. I think I talked about them in a journal entry some time ago. They're rather expensive, too.

This e-mail about them arrived today:

This is to alert the campus community that when Daylight Saving Time ends on October 26, the time displayed on the Meridian (multiple line) phones will not automatically "fall back" one hour. Thus, the time shown will be incorrect on the morning of October 26, 2003. Voice Over IP phones are not affected by Daylight Saving Time.

Starting October 27, ITR's Technology Equipment Services personnel will make the necessary adjustments to electronics located in communication closets in each campus building. The project is expected to take two days.

Want to read that again? It's going to take technicians TWO DAYS to go around and make changes so our fancy new phones will show the correct time! And I reckon they'll have to do it again in the spring...

[shakes head]

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