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Smoke-Filled Cubicle
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As I write this, the smell of brush smoke permeates my cubicle, and the whole building. The fires to the west have been going strong all day, and have travelled significantly closer, and down into the Valley.

It will not be surprising at all if they close campus tomorrow, for smoke levels and just to keep people off the roads. Many employees didn't even come in today because they live in threatened areas and/or their coummuting freeways were closed because of the fires.

Campus is apparently a designated evacuation point now, for people from Porter Ranch, a bit to the west. The winds change direction frequently and sometimes the fire generates its own, so it's hard to track.

During my lunch-time walk I could easily see flames on the hillsides -- large bursts as trees went up, and a steady line of fire as grass and brush burned up.

I went up on the fourth-floor roof to watch the show this afternoon, and took some pictures, which I'll upload from home later this evening. The smoke filled sky filtered the sunlight, making for an ethereal, surreal atmosphere. The pillars of smoke are strangely beautiful as they roil up in the distance.

The little planes and helicopters dropping water and chemicals look like gnats swarming around a bonfire. It's hard to believe they have much effect on anything.

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