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Fire Pics
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As promised, here are a few photos taken on campus today:

Taken from the 4th-floor roof of one of the campus buildings (the roof used to have a dining area, so it has railings, and is meant to be accessed - I do so regularly to reach our faculty computer lab). The plane in the center is one of the larger tanker craft.

Strangely beautiful filtered sunlight.

The view from the ground. The wind blew the smoke over campus late in the afternoon, causing the administration to cancel all evening classes

Here's the view of all the fires from space. Check out the large version for some amazing details.


As of 5:30 pm, they closed campus. We have to check a web site / phone service in the morning to find out whether to go in to work or not.


As of 11:00 pm the fire has died down, because the winds have, but morning could see them revive. My bet is that campus will re-open and the worst has passed.

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