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Wagon Trailer
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UPS brought my little red two-wheeled wagon trailer today, and I assembled it and experimented to find out whether it would help with Panoscanning a large site (or even a small one).

The answer is that the trailer makes moving the station from place to place much easier. However, the wagon and handle stick out a little further than the tripod, so it will require more post-production work to hide.

My other anticipated wagon experiment could not be conducted today because the second wagon did not arrived as scheduled. According to the UPS web site, "A NATURAL DISASTER CAUSED THIS DELAY," into or out of their Vernon, CA, facility. I assume that's referring to one of the fires. Anyway, they should deliver it tomorrow. The other wagon has four wheels and its box is quite a bit smaller, with a good chance of being too small. We'll see.

What I might really need is a deep, box-like system that has good-sized wheels, that can hold the battery beneath the computer, but still allow the computer to open up, and have a place to put the pano unit when moving the whole station around.


As guessed, the fire near Northridge turned around so work and classes resumed normally there on Tuesday. Many folks still could not come in because of closed freeways, and some others felt new threats of fire to their houses, and still do, so we're not back to normal yet. The latest news on those nearby fires, fortunately, has them heading off in safe directions, and most likely under control by Monday. This weekend's predicted weather will help.


Krista and her baby Aspen Raen are well and good at home, in case anyone wondered. I originally spelled her middle name Rain, but apparently it's supposed to be Raen. I don't know the significance of that difference.

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