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Yesterday afternoon we watched Fellowship of the Ring (extended version) on the big screen at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood. (They're showing Fellowship and Two Towers as a lead in to Return of the King in 10 days.)

And WOW! AMAZING! Not the big screen again (although that didn't hurt) but the sound system! Jenn said it would blow us away, and she spoke literally, for if we hadn't been seated, it might have come true. In the opening act when Sauron is dispelled and again later when the Balrog's on screen the waves of bass noise came across so well that my clothing moved. Simply amazing.

We see Two Towers next Sunday, and then the midnight showing of RotK on Tuesday night. The anticipation should make the next week fly by. I hope so!

The BEST thing about seeing all of these films (again) at the Arclight is that we have specific seats reserved for each showing. Ergo, no waiting in line whatsoever for the year's most anticipated film. I'd pay for that even on a smaller screen, so it's even better that we can do it at the Arclight.

Shelley has a friend who's seen Return already at a premiere, and says you will never need to see another movie.



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