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Amazing Swimmer with Large Penis
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Check out this recent news article for more about the subject line: Researchers Discover Oldest Male Fossil.

Oh yes, Happy Birthday to my brother Greg!

Another interesting article (A challenging role to play
recently stated "[b]ut another big advantage video stores have is that people simply enjoy handling and looking at DVD packaging, Andersen said. Some 15 percent of DVDs are purchased but never played, according to Video Business magazine." The article suggested no reason for this enjoyment.

My hypothesis is that whereas VHS tapes rattle when shaken, look to be made of cheap plastic, and often come in just cardboard sleeves, DVDs have smooth glossy cases and shiny discs, but most importantly their cases open like a book, and have more of a look and feel of a book. So even if people don't read as much these days, there's still something in a DVD case that hits the pleasant memory of a book. Works for me at least.

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