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Heigh ho. The last few days have passed too quickly! I didn't want to squander them, with regards to progress on the pano venture, and I reckon I haven't, given much good progress on the demo project.

All of the first-pass reviewers' comments have been addressed, and in the case of problems, they have been solved. So that's good news, and the thing's ready for a second review which I expect to happen tomorrow. It's been a lot more fun rebuilding the entire demo from scratch, now that I have more clues about how to use the software efficiently.

Let's see... what else?

Yesterday and today the weather forecast called for an inch of rain, a lot of wind, and chilly temps. Unfortunately it did not come to pass, so that disappointed me!

In between long, intense sessions at the iBook working on the demo CD, I've played with Shelley's new TiVo some. Pretty cool toy - just tell it the name of the TV show you want to record and it goes out and finds it, whenever it's on, and saves it to its hard disk, easy as cake!

Or, enter a name or word and search through all channels / all shows / all times, both now and in the future, and TiVo will record all the shows with that person / keyword. For example, all movies with Mel Gibson, or all shows about archaeology. With 80 hours of space on its hard drive, the machine can store quite a few airings.

Santa brought this toy for Shelley, of course, so that she can record all of the shows that she needs to watch to keep up to date when sending in spec scripts. It's tons easier than setting up a VCR for specific dates and times, ensuring it's on the right channel, and taking care to include a tape with enough space on it.

And not much Netflix this week, because we have been watching the full series of Firefly on DVD. This superb science fiction show ran for a short time on TV last year, but got canned for whatever reason (not quality!). If you have a DVD player and a Netflix subscription, I strongly encourage you to rent them via the link above.

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