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Egg Dogs
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Back in late November we noticed that Sparky showed some interest in eggs, when we used them to cook breakfast. She shows interest in most people food, but it gave us the idea to see what she and Zero would do with eggs if they had the chance.

We took them both outside and gave them one egg each. Zero delicately took hers over to the grass, laid down, held it with her front paws, and carefully poked a hole it in with her teeth. She then proceeded to suck the insides out. Well done, Zero! Smart dog! She ate the shell afterward.

Ah, Sparky. She carried hers around in her mouth, pacing back and forth between Zero in the yard and our back door. She had no idea what to do. She knew that she really wanted to eat the egg, but thought it was too hard to just bite on for some reason. She could see Zero enjoying hers, but she didn't want to let it go either. So she wandered about for five minutes or so, until she eventually accidentally dropped the egg on the cement walk, and then carefully lapped up the good bits, but did not eat the shell.

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