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Firefly on the Moon
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Those wacky folks who run the Hubble decided to point it in a dark spot in the sky for a million seconds to see what they could see.

They compare this effort to picking up the light emitted by a firefly on the moon. They call it the Hubble Ultra Deep Field.

I find the results awe-inspiring, enough to desire to have the picture in my face on a daily basis, at least for a while. But it's too big to see all at once, so I have broken it down into five 1024x768 sections for use on my desktop background changer program (WallMaster).

If you want to have your own copies, copy them from the links below. At least take a gander at them and be amazed about what's out there.

My conclusion: the universe is a really big place. Even bigger than the pyramids.

top left (85 K)

top right (85 K)

bottom left (85 K)

bottom right (85 K)

center (85 K)

complete original (500 K)

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