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The wind's kicking up a fuss today, and both dogs and I are enjoying it quite a bit right now. Nothing beats telecommuting from the yard!

Sparky's over by the acanthus plants next to the house, trying to catch one of the lizards that hangs out there on the wall. She's eternally optimistic about this idea, despite the fact that it always skittles away as soon as she nears it -- and she doesn't even see it make its escape up the wall.

Zero's lying right next to me for companionship. The wind gusts twirl her luxurious fur around to reveal the blending shades of brown and black that make her so lovely. Occasionally she lifts her head and sniffs the tempest for all the latest news from the neighborhood.

The chimes from patio and carport have become a cacophany of chinkles, bangles, and clunkings when the strong breezes hit. That's okay. I'ts nice out in my nature cubicle.

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