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In the "better news" dept.: implemented all known suggested improvements for the demo tour CDs, so two or three days of testing and out they shall go.

Most significant changes:

1) the help screen appears initially, with basic instructions;

2) the map and voice-overs are on by default, which is not only useful in and of itself, but show the toggle states of the buttons along the top of the screen;

3) added keyboard commands for all the buttons, as well as a spacebar command to return the view to the one appearing when a node was entered (the node automatically pans/tilts/zooms to that view for re-orientation);

4) normalized all the voice-overs and sound effects so that some are not louder/softer than others;

5) worked it out so that if voice-overs are active, sound effects don't run, and background music dims; after the voice-over finishes, the sound effects and background music return -- those took some scripting cleverness :-)

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