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Close Call
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On the way home this afternoon, some jerk of a woman waiting at a green light to make a left turn decided it didn't matter if I happened to be about to occupy the same space at the same time as her car.

If she hadn't stopped her turn at the last moment, well, I probably would not be writing this now because there was just no way I wouldn't have been plastered to the side of her car at 20+ mph.

She had her windows down so I let her know how I felt about her driving, after skidding to halt with no room to spare. She bobbed her head a couple of times but she did not look sorry -- and she may not have even understood my English, since she looked non-native and didn't reply. I dunno.


Today was also the first time in five months that anyone wished me a safe ride on the way out of work. That's pretty weird -- like anti-karma or something. Best not let that happen again.

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