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What New Machine?
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After all that time cleaning my machine over the last couple days, I just got an e-mail saying that everyone in our department is to come pick up their new computers.


What new computers?

Guess I'm not in the loop. I had *no* idea that we were all going to be getting new boxes.

At least these ones have CD burners. And they more or less double the RAM, the hard drive space, and the CPU speed. All of that's a Good Thing, since my music files were making for a space crunch and we needed to backup some files to CD (we have an external drive, but I believe the software used to burn discs was the source of at least some of that adware).

And we get mice with wheelies on them! Yay!

But we don't get monitors, so no new flat panel for me. That's okay, really.

Well, time to start moving files to the new box. I wonder what OS it has.

(Ah, just asked... it's XP Pro... cool.)

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