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Hey Greg (or anyone else), remember these SSPs from the late seventies?!?!

We used to have a smash-up derby set with a wagon and sedan, rather than this truck and bug, but this pair is close enough for now (and I always wanted it anyway).

I bought this set on eBay, and Shelley and I had some fun crashing them together -- pieces went flying all over the room. Pristine sets go for over $175, but this one didn't have the ramps and the bug lacks one door, so it wasn't nearly so expensive (and I'll keep an eye out for another partial set in attempt to make one complete one). I also had a purple racer car. Didn't you have another one as well? Whatever happened to ours, anyway?

Ah, the toys of long ago... and a place to find and buy them!

Maybe I should re-collect some of my favourite Micronaut guys as well...

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