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Since the demo CD was officially done and mailed out to six prospective venues, I've been waiting a bit, then calling and e-mailing trying to get an "in" somewhere. No luck so far! Many people pass the decision buck within their organization. No one has said no, but no one has said yes either.

It's dang frustratin'!


But in the meantime, someone on the LiveStage Pro (LSP) mailing list posted a message asking for help/advice on how to do some complicated things with the program. (LSP is the authoring package that I used to create the virtual tour, add sounds, make interactive buttons, cool functionality, etc., etc.).

It's a very hard program to learn, and he's under a strict time deadline. His project also needed exactly the functionality of my demo (or a little less) so I said, more or less, send me the files, pay me a fee, and I'll produce the thing lickety-split for you.

This way he doesn't have to learn how to use this complex program, and can make his deadline. And I get to make a few bucks to pay back the purchase price of the program and my time working on the interactive interface I've spent the last several months developing.

He's now sent me all the files (a six-node virtual tour, a map graphic, and a text file), so tonight I'll package it all together for him, and we both get what we want. And this will probably go into a longer term arrangement as well. He's based in the U.K., so we'll use PayPal for the monetary transaction.

Sometimes the Internet's pretty cool, and opportunities come along when least expected.

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