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It's been a few years since we attended the Planes of Fame Air Show in Chino, where they primarily show off vintage aircraft (rather then jets or stunt planes, although there are some of those as well).

We watched many different types of planes take off, land, make fly-bys, etc. and that was all well and good. The day's highlight, without doubt, though, was the massed group of 26 vintage planes! That's right, 26 of them all up at one time! Usually air shows show off only one or two at a time to make the day last, but these guys went all out!

The photo below shows all the planes in a long strung-out formation including (not necessarily in this order):

  • 1 P-38 Lightning
  • 3 B-25 Mitchells
  • 2 Wildcats
  • 1 Avenger
  • 1 B-17 Flying Fortress
  • 7 P-51 Mustangs
  • 1 Seafury
  • 1 Tigercat
  • 1 Sky Raider
  • 1 Hellcat
  • 1 Corsair
  • 2 P-47 Thunderbolts
  • 1 Bearcat
  • 1 Hurricane
  • (and 2 of the rest of the team)

Plus they had the usual old-meets-new fly-over, with an F-16 Viper and a pair of P-51 Mustangs.

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