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Plans for the summer are finally set! It's England AND Rome this time around.

June 14-25 I will be in England helping at St. Leonard's Hospital in York, a project sponsored by the York Archaeological Trust. They have given me a "finds placement" there, which means I'll be volunteer staff for these two weeks in the facility where they process the artifacts and other stuff they dig up at this medieval site.

Since I've had to come in to their project right at the start of the season, they haven't been able to provide lodging at the university, so I've had to book a room in a B&B for my time there. I'm willing to undergo that expense, however, for the chance to work with this project and the Trust. I don't expect to put trowel to earth, but getting to handle all the finds coming in from an urban project will be cool.

July 1-16 I'll be in Rome, and at a small rural survey project close by. The site probably contains a Roman villa, which survey should determine for sure. It's called Borgorose and they used to have a web site for it with some photos, but it's disappeared. I'll link to it if it comes back.

For even more fun, however, I expect to be shooting panoramas of the Forum and Colisseum, and other places. This should be quite a scoop, because normally such places have rather restrictive permit requirements. The archaeologist I'm working with, though, will have those taken care of for research. Woo!

For the few days between York and Rome, I'm currently planning to shoot panos in York or nearby. It depends on how many I'm able to shoot on weekends, and what's good in the area. I'll have my own private room whose address I'll add once it's confirmed.

It's a relief to have all these things settled, finally.

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