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Sports Night
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Not being much of a sports viewer, the TV show called Sports Night never caught my attention. Sounds like a normal run-of-the-mill sports-related show, right?


Not so. Although it originally aired back in 1998, it's now out on DVD on three discs with all 45 half-hour shows of its two seasons. At Jenn and Kenny's urging, we borrowed their copy and have now reached the end of disc 4 of 6. It's quite a good show and I strongly recommend watching it if you can.

It's really not about sports. It really is about the crew who work at a late-night sports show. Each episode runs half-an hour; the series sort of combines drama and comedy -- neither sit-com nor straight drama -- in a delightful mix.

Since each episode is normally half-an hour, you can easily watch three or more at a single sitting because the removal of commercials makes for short shows.

Their high-quality dialogue means that they always seem too short that way!

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