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Um... Busy

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Not so many posts recently. Sorry about that. Should have been more diligent about keeping up. Rather busy these past two weeks.

Put in about 8 or 9 hours finding and making travel arrangements, which are finally all done. I'll be staying at Grange Lodge while in York from June 13 to June 30.

Put in a lot of time on a second project with the guy from England who shoots Lexus car dealership panoramas and needed an interface for them.

Spent a day or more figuring out how to get all my stuff overseas. Looks like a golf bag travel case will be the best way to get the caddy there and back in one piece. It's too long to fit into regular luggage. Got the case last night, but have to see whether the caddy and my clothes all fit.

Couple other bits...

It's very exciting to be located near the first attempt at launching a private space rocket on June 21. They say they'll make launches public, and I'd really like to go see one later.

It's simply disgusting to me to hear the recently released recordings of Enron execs bragging and laughing to each other how great it was that fire took out some power lines and let them make big bucks from "grandmas" in California.

And it's about the same to see how the armed forces can simply tell their people that they have to stay, even though their terms of service have ended. Not that one would expect anything else from the military, especially under Bush.

Speaking of whom, I so hope Moore's Farenheit 9/11 helps scuttle his chances for a second term.

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