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Guest Bathroom Makeover
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Back in March I started remodelling our guest bathroom. With Jenn and Kenny's help the first part went very quickly. It would have been completed before now if Lowe's had had certain tile we wanted in stock.

So the project dragged on until they got that in, and then until we could find some time for a final push. And then it dragged some more because we used the wrong stuff for wall grout and didn't feel like undoing the work that took.

But finally, ta da! We completed it over the last couple of days.

The old:

And the new:

The changes we made, for the inobservant or those who don't want to study the images closely:

  • Laminate floor replaced with stone tile
  • Wood baseboard replaced with ceramic tile
  • Vanity cabinet and knobs repainted
  • Walls repainted on lower half
  • Ancient heater removed on right wall
  • Tub enclosure removed

You cannot see it in the photos, but the floor tiles are slightly wavy-edged, a pattern chosen to make the floor look a little like the seabed, to keep aquatic theme. The black strip on the wall is meant to carry around the strip from the counter top, where it represents the edge of aquarium tank.

Not shown is the window trim above the tub that used to be hideous green like the knobs on the cabinet doors. Kenny repainted the trim the same as the orangy wall color so it matches.

We had not originally planned to remove the glass tub enclosure, but doing so opened up the room remarkably, and makes for a much nicer bath-taking experience since you don't feel so enclosed and can set books or candles on countertop now. If anyone comes to visit as a guest, we'll go get a temporary shower curtain rod to put up for them.

So whaddaya think? Good changes?

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