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This journal's entry for the 3rd talked about our efforts to repair our broken sprinkler pipe.

Here's the full illustrated story.

The problem: hole in the pipe, directly under the middle of a wide sidewalk, and the pipe very corroded.

First try: use PVC pipe with a steel coupling, sealed by metal putty, on each end. Result: water spraying out of the putty joint on each end.

Second try: wrap putty joint with resin tape and special stretchy water-sealing tape. Result: water leaking at a fast rate through it all on one end, other end holds fast.

Third try: encase the whole thing in leftover concrete from another project. Result: water still leaking too fast.

Fourth try: radiator hose. Result: she's holding... NO, turn it off! (Hose flexes and pops off the PVC; tried gluing it but that did not work either).

Fifth try: threaded steel pipe snugly fitting into smooth corroded pipe, joined to steel coupling, sealed with plumbers' putty, joined to PVC segment that connects to long PVC pipe that we had cut back. Result: looks like the handle of a light sabre, and is holding up to full pressure with nary a drop of water to be seen.

Now we have to fill in the hole, replace the dead sod, and plant some grass seed.

May your sprinkler system never break.

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