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As you may have seen by now, I've added a bunch of entries to the Romans journal -- they cover the last week or more of my time abroad and complete the set.

Yesterday Shelley and rode with the bike club, just a short 50-mile spin to CSUN, through the Valley, and back to home. It's good to be back in the saddle again, riding just for fun. I have been commuting all week by bike too, along a slighly different route because they have torn the surface off a big chunk of the road I travelled earlier in the summer.

In the afternoon I went out and bought a powered miter saw, a couple kinds of molding, a pair of framing clamps, mat boards, and a mat cutter. I assembled the miter saw today and used it to construct a frame for a stained glass piece that I had made before heading abroad. Originally I planned to have a local guy make one as in the past, but he charged $50 a pop, and died recently besides.

I've wanted to get into making frames for a while, to save money mostly, but also because we often have trouble framing posters we buy while abroad (because they're not standard US sizes). I thought it would be a lot harder and require routing, but it takes only gluing one piece of wood to another to make a frame, according to a book I bought about the process.

Today's framing effort used floor trim that already has a very convenient lip to hold the glass, so I still have to try the book's method, which I will do for a large poster next weekend. The power miter saw will also be very useful for working on molding used in our remodelling projects. It's quite fun and way faster than a manual miter box and saw!

Last night was the first time in two months that I've gamed! Jenn and Kenny came over for the evening, and we had pasta with truffles (from a shop in the airport in Rome), garlic bread, corn-on-the-cob, and a cookies-n-cream cheesecake, along with chianti. Yummers in the tummers!

And excellent news on the computer front: the iBook repairs came off without a hitch, so we're back in business. Time to get crackin' on making panos. That's this week's evening activities.

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