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Getting Physical
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A couple of months ago I scheduled a normal physical with my doctor and finally got to see him yesterday. He still thinks this persistent, nasty cough of mine has something to do with seasonal allergies, so he handed over a bag of Allegra pills. We'll see. I certainly hope so, in one sense (it will go away and isn't serious), but in another not so (it may be back next year).

He also gave me a bag of Celebrex pills for my left elbow, although he doesn't really know what's wrong there. The problem there is that if I am sitting in a chair and put my arm on hard arm-rests, or lean on my elbow on a table, say, a searing, excruciating pain shoots out. Not fun. That's been going on for a while, and seems to be getting worse in the sense that it takes less pressure to trigger a response.

And I had to get physical with Becky this afternoon. Her rear tire deflated. It turns out that a slim piece of metal went through the Kevlar lining and stuck through into the tube. I suspect it's been in there at least a few days, because the tire has been needing air. Now that it's out, the self-sealing tubes should fill the hole and that should be the end of that!

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