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On Sunday I surprised Shelley by telling her that it would be okay by me to have a child.

She's been wanting one for a while but didn't want to push me, the more hesitant one. I'm not sure when, but not too long ago something clicked that said "okay" to the idea.

I can account for no particular cause. Maybe it's just an internal biological clock that somehow got turned on... or the snooze button wore off.

She stops pills tomorrow. We'll wait the required two or three months, then commence with trying to make a baby.

Just one is all we both want. Obviously that could change later, but for now, just one please.

The weird thing is, now that I'm apparently ready for this, I'm anxious (!) to get on with it. Not get it over with, but get it going.

Maybe it's a(nother) mid-life crisis. Some guys get cars or new spouses. I make a baby! Bwah ha ha ha!

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