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Buy Low, Sell Low
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Well this morning Netflix stock is down *another* 8% after a similar slide yesterday, so I sold our entire holdings.

While I was abroad the stock really tanked, for a number of reasons such as increased prices, increased advertising costs, increased competition, increased customer turnover, etc. Not much good news there, nor much in sight.

So as disappointing as it is not to have sold at the peak and made over $12,000 profit, at least we haven't lost any of our principal, and still made a couple grand. I had been inclined to sell both NFLX and Krispy Kreme (KKD) a while back, but not everyone in the household agreed.

Perhaps we need to have each our own investment money, or go to more conservative mutual funds so that it's not of such immediate concern. Maybe it's just that NFLX was our single largest investment (ever :-) and it would have been less stressful if it was a smaller amount of principal at stake.

One other company that does interest us for investing is GOOG (you may have heard of it in the news now and then), but to get in on its forthcoming IPO you need to have an account with certain brokerages, which we don't. We could set one up just for this, or we could wait and see how this much-watched stock does on its first day or two, then just buy in via our regular broker.

At this point we are planning not to go for its IPO. We figure that if it has value then its fair price should even out, and we can buy in then. It's not clear that the company is a good investment at the prices currently being announced for the IPO. (Sorry to any readers who feel differently.)

Admittedly we might be missing the boat. Or we might be missing the Hindenburg. Either way, we'd probably end up missing fingernails. It's really hard to tell.

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