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Trainbow and BrainGate
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It rained a lot again today (yay!), which means that I took the train to campus. I almost missed it on the way home, though, because I did miss the shuttlebus and had to walk/run all the way down to the train station. I got there in about 20 minutes, with the train visible down the tracks as I arrived.

During that walk, and after arriving at the station, there was a brilliant sunshower that resulted in a huge, vivid rainbow arcing clear across the sky, even doubling in some places. I was wishing for my camera to capture it, but alas, did not have it. The forelighting of low-angled sun with dark clouds in the distance made for beautiful scenic vistas against the San Gabriel mountains.

Have you heard of Braingate, the computer chip scientists implanted in a paraplegic's brain to let him control computers and TVs by mere thought? Looks like we're already in the age of cybernetic beings. It's no longer science fiction.

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