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Sir Round and Bridges
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Putting it all on the line, I have just widely announced my Sir Round web site to the mailing list of people interested in QTVR. I've timed this announcement so that it will be within the attention span of those attending next week's IQTVRA conference in Sedona, AZ, which I shall be attending.

The web site now has online practically every panorama I've shot with the Panoscan, all in full-screen versions. See them on the Samples Page at the Sir Round home page.

They finally put up the World Wide Panorama "Bridges" web site, which this time includes a nice world map to show where each was shot. The quality of the panos has improved a great deal, and almost all are worth viewing if you have the patience to go through 189 of them.

If not, here are my faves (either technically or artistically), and I highly recommend the full-screen versions linked from these pages for the most immersive experience of them.

189 Bridges: old/new, modern/traditional, artificial/natural, physical/metaphorical, typical/unusual, rural/urban, vehicular/pedestrian, long/short, tall/squat, metal/wood/stone

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